General information

What are the requirements for Access Rent?

  1. You must be at least 25 years old

  2. Live within 30km of your capital city CBD

  3. Own a smartphone

  4. Have a current valid Australian Drivers License

  5. Have no criminal record

  6. Have a good driving record. We cannot accept the following:

  • More than three minor offences in the last three years (1-4 demerit points each, not including double demerit periods);

  • Any major offences in the last three years (5+ point offences or suspensions, not including fine defaults/double demerit periods);

  • Any drug or alcohol infractions at any time;

  • Any excessive violations or suspensions, or serious individual offences


If your driving history does not meet the requirements, you may apply for a Private Hire Vehicle Authority Card from the Government


Vehicle information


Do you take care of servicing?

As part of the weekly rental fee, we cover all your scheduled and warranty maintenance costs. 

We also provide you with free 24/7 roadside assistance, for things like:

  • Flat or Faulty Battery

  • Emergency Fuel

  • Locked out of car

  • Flat Tyres

  • Towing

Please note the cost of batteries, fuel, tyres, or new keys will be at your cost if supplied by roadside assist.

Additionally, all Access vehicles come with an extensive factory manufacturer’s warranty to cover the cost of most defects.

However, it’s your responsibility to cover all repairs that are not under warranty, including but not limited to punctures, panel damage, and all other non wear and tear items. If unsure, contact your Access representative.

What if I get a flat tyre?

Flat tyres are not covered by warranty/insurance. Contact your Access representative and arrange to have the tyre replaced at your cost.


What if there are small scratches when I return the vehicle?

We operate in accordance with the AFLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide; wear and tear that is reasonable given the age/kms on your vehicle is acceptable.

Fee and payment information


How do I pay the hire fee?

The fee is deducted by direct debit from your nominated bank account every Wednesday night for the following Monday to Sunday period.

What does the weekly fee cover?

In addition to the vehicle rental, the fee covers your insurance (but not excess), registration, regular servicing and maintenance.

If I take a rental break, do I need to pay the joining fee again?

Yes. If you have a break in your rental you will still be required to pay the joining fee once you commence driving again.

How do I return my vehicle and are there fees?

In order to return your vehicle you must give the relevant notice in relation to your plan, in writing to your Access representative.

We may need to charge a re-fuelling and/or cleaning fee, if the car isn’t returned with a full tank of fuel and professionally cleaned at the end of your rental period.


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